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How is CoolSculpting Elite different from regular CoolSculpting? 

The main difference between CoolSculpting vs CoolSculpting is time. CoolSculpting Elite delivers results starting in ONLY FOUR WEEKS, while CoolSculpting will take 3-5 months to start showing results. CoolSculpting Elite is upgraded technology in which Bradley Med Spa purchased new machines, new applicators, which will bring faster and more efficient results. The new applicators cover 18% more surface area and will provide a more pleasant experience than regular CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting Elite machine is equipped with two applicators, vs. regular CoolSculpting which only has one. The CoolSculpting Elite machine is also quieter and cooler than the original CoolSculpting machine. Also Bradley Med Spa is the only provider with 2 NEW CoolSculpting Elite machines in Northern Bergen County. 

To understand how CoolSculpting® works, you first need to know how body fat works. 

fat-freezing technology

gives long-term results that make trouble spots a lot less troubling.* Fat cells don’t like the cold and at a certain temperature they will freeze. Once that happens, your body will naturally eliminate the dead cells in 2-6 months or more, resulting in up to 20%-25% reduction of fat in a treated area.

*Long term results are based on 2 case reports.

  • We all have a set amount of fat cells—when we gain weight it’s because those fat cells are expanding in size.
  • Some individuals may have stubborn pockets of fat that are more difficult to reduce despite diet and exercise.
  • Because we all carry fat in different areas of our bodies, not everyone will see this excess in the same areas of our bodies.


For women and men with healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle, cryolipolysis is a safe and effective way to reduce excess fat. CoolSculpting® is not a weight loss treatment. CoolSculpting® is for patients at or near their ideal body weight and want to reduce fat in one or more of the 9 FDA cleared treatment areas.

Sound like you? Take the candidate quiz and ask your doctor if CoolSculpting® is the right for you.


Coolsculpting Results After One Session


(Results from an actual Bradley Dental Group Patient)




























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